1. Do I need to have a Findmart account for using this feature?
Yes, you would need a Findmart account for using this feature. This is an easy process, just click on the New User Sign Up link and follow the steps. It is Free.

 2. Do I need to provide my mobile number?
You have to register through your mobile number. You can edit your number from the edit profile section after log in.

3. Can I edit my profile?
You can edit your profile anytime once you sign in. Ensure that you keep your profile information updated.

4. Does Findmart provide services outside India?
No. At this point, Findmart provides the service only within India.

 5. How do I search for businesses or stores on Findmart?
All businesses or stores are listed in Findmart you can get it by visiting our site, Adding a phone number, E-mail id.