Yoga for Kids journey towards Yoga zoo began way back as children, for yoga had been a significant part of our lives. As we grew to understand the startling benefits of yogic practices, we took up a back to roots study, first individually and then as fate would have it, together, to collectively spread the message of its benefits.

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Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids

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Business Information
Yoga for Kids, Mumbai, India
    Yoga for Kids, Mumbai. Personal Care with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Yoga for Kids, Mumbai on Findmart.
Location and Overview:
    Yoga for Kids, Mumbai, India establishment that offers a wide range of services and products category Personal Care in the in the Mumbai. They offer customers satisfaction with their products and service, which continues to grow every day by virtue of satisfying a vast customer base. Yoga for Kids has dedicated employees who put in effort towards achieving common vision of this company as well as expanding their business into new places. In the near future, they will expand their product line and target different markets like Mumbai - it is currently located at 102, Paradise, Jai Bharat Society, Rd Number 3, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052 on Mumbai's connecting its location there quite easily to other modes of transport available nearby.
Products and Services offered:
    Yoga for Kids has Personal Care, services, and payment options to suit your needs. The staff are courteous and prompt in providing any assistance that you may need with questions or queries. They answer your questions without a hitch right away by using cash on delivery, debit card, credit card, UPI- BHIM/Paytm - G Pay anytime from 12 am - 11 pm every day!


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Rohit – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

Yoga for kids is a very professional platform for gain the importance of yoga from childhood and it also teaches the right technique of yoga moves.

Rivana – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

They are really awesome. I admitted my boy and I think he adapted the moves very quickly. They are actually doing a great job.

Sandeep – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

They are very good at their job. I really appreciate their services. I highly recommend Yoga for kids.

Gurpreet – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

They are doing an excellent job. Wonderful teachers, beautiful space. I highly recommend their classes for your kids.

Ruksar – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

Perfect for kids who want to learn about the yoga practice. I really love their dedication and knowledge about yoga. Thank you.

Darshit Ghelani
Darshit Ghelani – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

They are professional. My daughter has now learned so many yoga moves very quickly. Thank you Yoga for Kids.

Priyanka Shannal
Priyanka Shannal – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

Just superb. My elder kid now looks like a yoga professional. Yoga for Kids really doing an excellent job.

Om Prakash
Om Prakash – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

They have expert knowledge of body movement, various tips & techniques to improve the flexibility of kids. Just excellent.

Sanjay Singh
Sanjay Singh – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

Yoga for Kids is very knowledgeable and helpful for kids to learn yoga. They went at a slower pace and kept a nice flow and that is really helpful for kids.

Namrata – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

Yoga for kids is a very good platform for learning yoga for kids. Their yoga practice is a great mix of strength, flow, deep breathing, and relaxation for kids.

Akruti – Mon, 04-Oct-2021:

Rohini Sharma
Rohini Sharma – Wed, 06-Oct-2021:

Yoga is a very good practice every morning not only for elders also for children's to keep their body flexible and healthy where Yoga for Kids made it successes by taking care of every single child and helping them for workout.

Aakarsh – Sat, 09-Oct-2021:

Children are actually natural yogis. Their innate trust in others, combined with their lack of inhibitions, allows them to receive the teachings of yoga and grow from them in inspiring ways. Adults have a lot to learn from the way children receive yoga! If we can lead them there, they will not only benefit, but they will enjoy it