Yes! It is the platform where both Business holders to list their business in order to make it more popular also for the people who want to search their daily needs nearby them. For the business holders there is application named FINDMART PARTNER through which they can list their business and make people more aware of their business.

How to list your business on FINDMART?

The following steps help to list your business:

1. At very first step the business holder must register and make login to findmart.

2. After successfully creating an account user must choose the plan for listing your business and complete the payment .the first listing is free listing

3. The very first listing is free listing for the period of 28 days after the free plan get over and if you’re satisfied and wish to continue as a FINDMART PARTNER you must go through monthly and yearly package.

4. The note is that only after choosing the plan the user can move for the further step.

5. Once you choose the plan go to directory and fill the mentioned details with your Business details so that it helps your customer in getting your business easily.

The following are the most interesting features provided for listing your business:

1. You are allowed to list your business by adding details of your business

2. you can add Amenities that are available on your business.

3. you can add the opening hours of your business that helps your customer before they approach you.

4. You can add location of your business that helps the customer to find a way towards your business.

5. Their is feature named customer review though which you can view the feedback of your customer about your business.  

FINDMART is only for Business Partners?

No! FINDMART is for the customers too who are in search for their daily needs. Yes! FINDMART helps all people who are facing problems in finding their nearby marts or shops. You can use FINDMART and make your work easy in searching your daily needs where all variety of businesses listed over FINDMART by doing so you can save both your time and energy.

How to search business on FINDMART?

The below mentioned steps helps you to search the business on FINDMART.

1. At the very first step the user must do the registration on FINDMART

2. After successfully creating an account user will find all types of verity marts or stores so that they can choose the type of category they want.

3. When the user selects any particular category the user can read the description of that shop or mart which they want to approach.

4.The user can view the business listing of that marts, shops, hotels etc

5. Findmart also provides the feature of checking the Amenities that is available in the selected category.

6. The user can even check the opening hours of any marts or shops before they approach.

7. Findmart provided the special feature called Booking System so that the user can book for the things that they are in need of.

8. The most important feature that we can find is the Location that helps the users to find their needs.

9. User can also select the category based on their range of amount.

10. User can even filter the categories city wise.

11. User can set the radius that helps user to locate the selected category within that distance of radius.

Top most services of FINDMART:

1. Room Booking for Hotels.

2. Table Booking for Restaurants

3. Taking appointments of Doctors and Personal Care.

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